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Wild Myrrh Frankincense

Wild Myrrh Frankincense

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Myrrh is also a compound derived from trees. It has been produced from the sap of small, thorny trees belonging to the genus Commiphora for millennia. Myrrh is most commonly used in perfume, incense, and religious ceremonies. This odorous sap was considered medicinal in many parts of the ancient world. In traditional Chinese medicine, for instance, it was said to have a number of benefits, including purging stagnant blood from the uterus. In Jesus’ birth narrative, Magi, wise men from the East, approach him with three gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh (Matthew 2:11). Myrrh, this last one, has roots as far as the Old Testament in terms of having significant meaning. This article will dive into the history of myrrh in the Bible, some of its uses, and why it matters for Christians today.

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